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    David Braben

    On ELITE DANGEROUS and its ambitious future. By Andy Kelly   elite Dangerous: Arena is a new standalone version of the main game’s arena combat mode, formerly called CQC. It’s a sessionbased multiplayer game based entirely on ship-to-ship combat. There’s…

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    You’ve heard about the massive universe in NO MAN’S SKY, but what’s it actually like to play? PC Gamer finds out. By Andy Kelly There are 18 quintillion planets to explore in No Man’s Sky. That’s so many that if…

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    Epic beats shotguns into sci-fi staves for its debut MOBA The first thing that strikes me about Paragon is how slow it feels. That’s not necessarily a complaint, but based on Epic’s history with games like Gears of War and…

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    M O U N T & B L A D E II: BAN...

    TaleWorlds’ founder talks about learning from Warband Despite the success of Mount & Blade: Warband, TaleWorlds founder Armagan Yavuz is quick to point out its failings. “I still think it was unfinished,” he says. “A lot of things were perhaps…

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    Something strange is going on in sleepy Atamipek Lake War veteran turned private detective Carl Flaubert drives to the remote settlement of Atamipek Lake in Northern Canada’s frozen wilderness. He’s been hired by a local industrialist who claims the Cree…

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    Remedy’s long-awaited After an accident with a time machine leads to his brother being killed, Jack Joyce is probably quite upset. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve got nothing against Jack’s stupid brother, I’m just a huge fan of the time…

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