Transformers Forged to fight Cheats IS available now to Provide the Best Experience.

Transformers Forged to fight Cheats IS available now to Provide the Best Experience.

Your mission here is to bring justice back to the earth and secure all of the facilities surrounding the place, and now right here we shall be going through the different game stages and consider learning the various controls offered by the game developers, remember that once the opponent is going into the blocking mode and stopping you from performing attacks get ready to change your attacking mechanism to the heavy attacking mode which could be performed by hold down on the right side of the screen and release once the attacking power has charged to its maximum potential.

use the Transformers Forged to fight hack to make sure that your powers are at their maximum potential and also use the crystals obtained from the part previously.

Strong Shields Will Keep You Safe.

the powerful shields will be generated by the TEC bots and they are only available for a limited amount of time, check on the pause menu to see the active abilities which you could be choosing from, they could be enabled depending on your own needs and the Transformers Forged to fight cheats will be helping out with such a thing and make the gaming experience much improved, remember that you can visit the settings menu and start modifying the Music or the Sound FX, the music of the game are totally recommended to keep it enabled as the this will keep you into the game events happening around you.

during the battle phase take look at the health bars located at the top side of the screen, on the right side you can notice how close are you from winning or losing the battle, your enemy health bar is on the right top side of the screen and once it reaches the zero bottom then it will mean that it is the end of the combat successfully.

The more attacks you are performing or receiving to your Autobots the closer you will get to be able to perform the special attack, you can see the special attacking power bar located at the bottom left corner of the screen and it could be enabled as soon as the bar is filled up and starts to highlight out, use the Transformers Forged to fight cheats to get the highest possible damage out of the special attack.

The Ship`s Space Bridge Is Waiting for you.

The special attacking move will have a small cinematic video to show off the attacking move and how it will ready to overtake the opponent, remember that the ship`s space bridge is still intact and it is risky but we will need to use the last of the energon to transport the reinforcements coming on their way to stop the expected attacks, this is the ship`s space bridge and you can get the crystals to use them in order to unlock new characters, use the Transformers Forged to fight hack to increase the numbers of crystals.